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Current/Past Clients

  • Metropolis Group/Voyage Digital Media (UK: Record Label Company)
    Introduce their CD/DVD to the local importers and/or record, video companies to have them license the audio/video rights in the Japanese market. Assist their licensing clearance in the Japanese market. Find a import dealer for their finished products
  • Teichiku/ImperialRrecord (JAPAN: Record Company)
    Assist finding available CD/DVD rights for the market Japan. Relevant negotiation with the licenser
  • Other Japanese Record Companies/Distributors (JAPAN: RecordCcompanies)
    Introduce various CD/DVD rights to have them consider licensing software marketing through their sales/distribution channels in the Japan and South East Asian market
  • 3Waves Japan (JAPAN: Market Research Firm)
    Assist their various qualitative research projects by conducting executive/phone interviews. Analyze the information collected and generate reporting
  • GLG (USA and Global: Consulting Firm)
    Assist various consultation works
  • Diligent Rocket, LLC (USA: Consulting Firm)
    Assist various consultation works related to Japan market
  • City Wiring Systems (INDIA: Auto Parts Company)
    Assist finding a partner/exporter and negotiate for a Joint venture in Indian market
  • DAIKI Sound (JAPAN: Indie Label Distribution)
    Assist negotiating with foreign venders to develop their network outside Japan market
  • Zootech (UK: DVD Authoring Engineering Firm)
    Explore/sell their software products in the Japan market and seek for a partner in Japan
And many others