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Activities engaged / Featured in various media

'75 -'79
  • Staff of Corporate Planning Division                                                                                Analyzed financial Planning and forecasting. Analyzed total market growth and competitive activities. Conducted a large market research by market segmentation

 '79 -'85
  • Brand Manager                        Formulate total product launch marketing plan after simulating withvarious test marketing, Perceptor, Assessor, concept screening, actual test market                       
    Conducted various consumer and/or trade marketing campaigns, managed promotional, advertising agencies               Analyzed market and defined market segment. Originated and directed product strategy, sales model, promotional plan                 Trained in Unilever Marketing Training Course
NL annual sales improvement proposal contest picture
Obtained the first prize at the annual sales improvement proposal contest
M. Shiotani's proposal
M. Shiotani's proposal2

'85 - '87

  • Staff at Japanese Consulate in Boston

Engaged in various bicultural events.
Japan and the US symposium picture
Japan and the US symposium picture2

Philip Morris
'87 - '88
  • Brand Manager (Parliament/V.Slims)

Managed increasing two brands revenue up by 40-60% in a year by a large ad campaign

Analyzed market and defined market segmentation.  Originated and implemented product strategy, sales model, promotional plan

Organized brand advertising promotional plans together with assistant and outside advertising/promotional agencies

Trained in World Marketing Training Course and Asian Marketing Conference
American Blue Concert pamphlet
American Blue Concert

'88 - '90
  • Marketing Sales Director

Organized whole marketing/Sales activities.
Avia conference photo

Campaign w/M.Navratilova
Avia conference news paper article

'91 - '95
  • Marketing/Sales Director

Achieved approx. three times revenue growth in the yellow banana business contributing a significant bottom line profitability

Introducing a new way of marketing methodology to the Industry.
Chiquita photo
At Philippines banana plantation

'95 - '96
  • Executive Director, Sales/Marketing

Be in charge of sales and marketing management. Engaged in Major 
distributor negotiation. Launched some major titles.

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'96 - '04
  • Managing Director
  Warner Vision Japan

Managed Warner Music Group visual company, WVJ. Launched various DVDs (500 or more titles) from Warner platform as well as acquired many music / non-music titles.

Led Zeppelin "DVD" was honored to win the Japan Music DVD Gold Disc Award.
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DVD Gold Disc Award photo
DVD Award

'96 - '04
  • DVD Related Trade News Paper, Denpa Shinbun, 2001 November 8: Warner Vision sweeping the market with a new Music DVD Catalogue Campaign
The article explains that Warner Vision was creating a new DVD-Music Market by conducting a sweeping catalogue campaign. After Warner Vision aggressively promoted the new DVD music segment, other international and domestic record companies copied this promotion.
Denpa Shinbun article
DVD Catalogue Campaign

'96 - '04
  • DVD Market Trade Magazine (New Releases), Key Personnel Interview, 2003 December:
    Masato Shiotani, MD of Warner Vision Japan

One of the most prestigious DVD trade magazine “New Release” featured Shiotani as a Key Person in the industry, citing his aggressive efforts in creating the new product market for Music DVDs as well as for his cross industry promotional activities that resulted in the involvement of electronic manufacturers in the market’s creation.

New Release article
Music DVD Market Development
New Release article 2

'96 - '04

  • Music Report (Trade Press), 2004 February 16: Developing New Generation Audio Format DVD-Audio  
                                                              Shiotani held a dual-position, besides MD of Warner Vision Japan, as co-chairman of DVD-Audio Promotional Association for two and half years. A joint organization between hardware manufacturers and record companies consisting of approx. 30 companies to promote the DVD-Audio, a new generation audio format utilizing the same underlying format as DVD-Video.
DVD-A Promotion pamphlet
Music Report article photo